Copyediting Services

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As true as that is, WordGig focuses on what needs to be done to strengthen your writing because readers value well-written, easily read, grammatically correct copy. This kind of well-crafted copy improves your overall first impression and professional credibility.

WordGig offers editorial services for any type of written material, including, marketing collateral, college papers, admissions essays, and book manuscripts. The editorial process entails substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading—whatever you may need.

WordGig’s editorial approach is to respect your authority and authorship of your writing in its style and form. We support that authors should have complete control over their content. Our editors will review your writing, ask questions about particular portions and recommend changes. We welcome discussion about any suggested edits.


  • Academic Papers
  • Book Manuscripts
  • Correspondence
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Journal Articles
  • Lesson Plans
  • Master’s Theses
  • Oral Presentations
  • Ph.D. Dissertations
  • Reports
  • Research Papers
  • Syllabi
  • Term Papers
  • Textbooks


  • Advertisements
  • Business Documents
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Correspondence
  • E-mail Messages
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Training Manuals
  • Web Site Copy 


  • E-mail Messages 
  • Job Application Materials
    ​(e.g., resumes, cover letters)
  • Presentations
  • Personal Documents
  • Personal Letters
  • Reports
  • Speeches
  • Web Site Content

Pricing Structure

Below is a guideline on the levels of copyediting/proofreading WordGig offers. When sending your document to WordGig, please detail what you’d like us to focus on (specific issues with the document), your audience and context. Upon review of your document, WordGig editors will recommend the level of copyediting service your writing may need to improve its readability and effectiveness.

Contact us for large volume project pricing, corporate accounts, and special student discounts with valid student i.d. card.

Levels of Copyediting Service

Substantive (or structural) editing:

This level of editing is ideal for book manuscripts, academic articles and academic essays. WordGig’s editors will improve clarity and flow of ideas by suggesting reorganization and rewriting ideas. We focus on development of content that is logical, accurate and geared toward the intended audience. This editing entails checking for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, basic formatting consistency, typographical errors, and adherence to style guidelines. We edit your document so that every word counts and that it has active voice, clarity of references, and smooth transitions.Acceptable format(s): MS Word, PDF, hard copy

Cost: $.025 per word (based on a 12 point font of 300 words per page). Minimum $45.


This is the most common level of editing. Corrections, suggestions and/or alternatives will be offered for errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage, capitalization, basic formatting consistency, typographical errors, and adherence to style guidelines. Copyediting is best done before proofreading.

Acceptable format(s): MS Word, PDF, hard copy.

Cost: $.019 per word (based on a 12 point font of 300 words per page). Minimum $35.


This service simply resolves grammatical errors, especially focusing on word misuse (e.g,. accept for except, its for it’s, stationary for stationery). This service does not check for content organization, sentence structure, clarity, word choice, or style.

Acceptable format(s): MS Word, PDF, hard copy.

Cost: $.015 per word (based on a 12 point font of 300 words per page). Minimum $25.

Other Services:

Transcription services: Creation of an electronic version from a handwritten document.

Desktop publishing (e.g., newsletters, fliers, resumes, event programs, tickets)

Writing coaching (best done via phone or, if possible, in person).

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About the Editor

Shannon T. Leonard was born in Hollywood, California and raised in Italy, New York, Texas and, of course, California. She obtained her undergraduate degree from University of Southern California in English and Psychology and her M.A. and Ph.D. at Rice University in English. Her dissertation explored her dual ethnic heritage (Filipino and White), and is titled: “Multiple Choice: Literary Racial Formations of Mixed Race Americans of Asian Descent.” While in graduate school, Shannon published bio-bibliographical essays on Edith Eaton, Kathleen Tamagawa, Ninotchka Rosca and Linda Ty Casper. As well, she made ends meet and furthered her editing career by working as an editorial fellow at Studies in English Literature and editing books, notably, by professors Krista Comer (Landscapes of the New West: Gender and Geography in Contemporary Women’s Writing), José Aranda (When We Arrive: A New Literary History of Mexican America), and Theresa Hernández (Delirio–The Fantastic, The Demonic and the Reél: The Buried History of Nuevo Léon). She also reviewed the writing of fellow grad students in Anthropology, English and architecture. For close to three years, she was a professional copyeditor and content producer (Web) for a Fortune 500 company.